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Janet has spent a lifetime experiencing and studying the value of altered states as represented by visionary, dream, and shamanic experiences.  She seeks to offer her listeners and readers an opportunity to see beyond the limitations of waking senses alone.  Through her writing, both nonfiction and fictional storytelling she offers a glimpse of the inner world accessed through the dream gate and the treasury that lies in dream consciousness.   Her publications include The Mystical Dream Tarot and The Dream Gate which present a novel approach to understanding imagery as the language of dream and the guide to better comprehend one’s self. Her short story, Pieda’s Tales, is a tale of the imagination and the gifts the creative life offer to a growing child. She has contributed to several books, the most recent is Journeys and Awakenings: Wisdom for Spiritual Travelers, a Seven Pillar House of Wisdom publication. Her publications, workshops, and  private sessions, aim to empower each of us to achieve our highest goals by moving beyond the narrow confines of a life guided solely by surface waking perceptions to one that is enriched and guided by working with visionary/ dream experiences to better understand and empower our decisions and life commitments.  She offers us a glimpse of a magical world  where the two halves of consciousness are united: where the visionary compliments the waking.   She resides at Temenos, an environmental sanctuary co-founded with her husband and soul mate, Iggy

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