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The Dream Gate

2022: The Dream Gate: Understand Your Dreams, 

Empower Your Life

Hardcover companion to a lifetime uncovering the wisdom of dream.... 

The Dream Gate is available on

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Read editorial review by Laurie Rae Dietrich


Journeys and Awakenings

2019: "Pilgrimage to the House of Wisdom" a chapter by Janet Piedilato in Journeys and Awakenings: Wisdom for Spiritual Travelers, Winter, 2019 


Pieda's Tales

2016:  Pieda’s Tales, Janet Piedilato, 

published by  Starseed Press


Ritual and Religion

2001: “Ritual and Religion,” Janet Piedilato co-author with E. Taylor, Ph.D., Harvard University, published in 

The Journal for Ritual Studies


Effects of ACTH on the isolated cardiac tissue of rabbits

1976: "The effects of ACTH on the isolated cardiac tissue of rabbits" by Janet Piedilato co-author Fleur Strand, Ph.D., Neurosciences Institute, presented to The International Conference of Neuroendocrinology in Salzburg

Caring for a rabbit_edited.jpg

The Mystical Dream Tarot

2019:  The Mystical Dream Tarot, Janet Piedilato,  Eddison Books LTD, UK, Winter 2019 

This remarkable tarot emerges directly from the mystical realms of dream and vision, manifesting completely fresh imagery. Pregnant with possibilities that shine light upon the hidden and reveal new pathways of understanding, each image―direct from the author’s own dream experiences―is an original offering rich with powerful insights designed to awaken that which is essential for moving forward on our journey of self-discovery.

Read review by Benebell Wen


The Tarot of Dream and Vision

2017:  Tarot of Dream and Vision, Janet Piedilato, 

Private Limited edition print, 2016

* limited edition inquire for more information  


Healing Tales

2007:  “Stories that Shape Life’s Journey” a chapter by J. R. Piedilato in Healing Tales: The Narrative Arts in Spiritual Traditions edited by Stanley Krippner, Michael Bova et al 


Iconography of the Transcendent

1999: Iconography of the Transcendent: An experiential hermeneutic method applied to personal development by Janet Riche Piedilato, Saybrook University

* limited edition inquire for more information  


Effects of adrenocorticotrophin of rabbit atrial muscle

1976: Effects of adrenocorticotrophin on the electrophysiology of rabbit atrial muscle by Janet Riche Piedilato, New York University

Caring for a rabbit_edited.jpg
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