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The following are examples of actual Dreamscapes:

dream Gate image.jpg

Dream Gate 101: Deciphering the riddles

of the night

Agenda: Dreams, Imagery, and Tarot: The Mystical Dream Tarot: Studying the images as the language of altered consciousness. 

The dream image is a messenger from the subliminal space whose arrival into waking consciousness communicates something once hidden. Yet what is communicated is like the riddle of the ancient Oracle. Too often the meaning escapes us, leaving us puzzled. With our attention, we can come to embrace the challenge of deciphering the message. Using examples from the bestselling Mystical Dream Tarot deck, we shall work with our personal dreams to decipher their messages. Bring a dream to work with! I will share the tarot images through Zoom.

Pre-recorded presentation available:  see trailer

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Dream Interpretation

Dreams come each night with vivid experiences that most do not completely comprehend. Yet dreams are meant as communication from the deepest part of our psyche. They come with the guidance we need to find our way in our waking journey through life. Unfortunately, many of us often dismiss dreams and fail to understand the advice offered from their own dreamtime. As we experience a dream we “go” somewhere, experience place, people, and situations. The dream may frighten or confuse us and mistakenly we dismiss what could be healing and helpful. If we pay attention to dream images they amplify, they speak to us in our waking moments, bringing alive memories that give us clarity. By painting the images brought alive by an individual’s dreams I present them with living imagery that shall empower each by awakening the inner voice that delivers healing and guidance, helping them navigate through sorrows and joys alike, assisting them to better understand their life. Dreams are for many, an unexplored resource, a birthright of every one of us. Yet few take the opportunity to understand them and thus miss communicating with the voice within.

If you have vivid, perplexing, or strange dreams which circle around you yet remain beyond your understanding, consider a dream consultation. Dreams come with a language that one needs to learn and the more attention one puts into learning the more one is rewarded.

A Dreamscape commission commences with a dream therapy session focusing upon a dream you wish to devote special attention to, one that intrigues or troubles you. It follows with Dr. Janet, the dream therapist, going into a waking dream, an altered state experience, to further explore the dream territory. Upon conclusion of the visionary state, she draws and paints the image after which she writes the meaning of what came in the vision. A final session is set where an archival print of the image is sent to you along with a printed explanation.

If you are interested in dream therapy to further understand how you might utilize the power of dreams to assist and empower your waking life choices, with or without the production of your own unique personal dreamscape, kindly fill out the below form. All sessions are held via phone or the internet.

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