The following are examples of actual Dreamscapes:

Dream Gate 101: Deciphering the riddles

of the night

Agenda: Dreams, Imagery, and Tarot: The Mystical Dream Tarot: Studying the images as the language of altered consciousness. 

The dream image is a messenger from the subliminal space whose arrival into waking consciousness communicates something once hidden. Yet what is communicated is like the riddle of the ancient Oracle. Too often the meaning escapes us, leaving us puzzled. With our attention, we can come to embrace the challenge of deciphering the message. Using examples from the bestselling Mystical Dream Tarot deck, we shall work with our personal dreams to decipher their messages. Bring a dream to work with! I will share the tarot images through Zoom.

Pre-recorded presentation available:  see trailer

Interpretating your dreams

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