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Let’s Talk Intuitive Tarot With the Mystical Dream Tarot

An online pre-recorded course presented by Dr. Janet Piedilato

Module 1  Major Arcana 1 and 2

Module 2  Major Arcana 3 and 4

Module 3   Minor Arcana 1 and 2

Module 4   Minor Arcana 3 and 4

Learn to view the cards as living messages, never static but always flowing through the waters of time and personal consciousness. In this study you will awaken to the inner voice that rises to see beyond the imagery presented upon the cards, viewing events beyond dogmatic limitation.  Mystical Dream Tarot/ Intuitive Tarot is merely one entrance into the deep resources of Dream Consciousness. Each of us carries our own personal treasury of memories, of cultural and tribal beliefs. Our connection with the intuitive flows through this. Unlike waking rational consciousness, the intuitive speaks its own language. Let’s Talk Intuitive Tarot explores this, gently opening the inner gates of exploration. It is a adventure in learning a new language,  becoming fluent in one already surfacing.


The course, total of approximately 16 hours of recordings is offered in a set of four/four hour modules to be conveniently viewed with no time restraints, thus offering flexibility according to personal desire and limitations. 


Each module consists of two separate classes, each approximately two hours of training. 

The complete set of four modules focuses upon the seventy-eight cards of the Mystical Dream Tarot helping students to view the cards using intuitive sense to delve beneath the superficial manifest to the hidden meanings which empower readings. Understanding the language of the Mystical Dream Tarot's imagery shall open the inner doors of perception, awakening the unique meanings that shall play an important role in working with card spreads in service of better understanding the journey of life along with its riddles and challenges.. 


Module one and Module two present a total of eight hours recording focusing upon the Mystical Dream Tarot Major Arcana, concentrating upon viewing and connecting with the intuitive through the imagery upon each card. Students view and listen to examples before entering experiential time in which to awaken their own personal depths.  Shamanic rattling and drumming time opens the imaginal reality to empower the personal experiences. 


Module three and Module four present a total of eight hours of recording working with the Mystical Dream Tarot Minor Arcana. Students listen to presentations on possible interpretations of each card after which with the accompaniment of drumming, rattling, or chanting, they enter the experiential where they seek their personal intuitive space and understanding.  


This is not a course to study the history of traditional or conventional Tarot.  This course focuses solely upon connecting with Intuitive Dream Consciousness in service of receiving information and guidance. This is entirely for the creative spirit, the seeker who wishes to deepen the connection with the inner voice by learning and becoming fluent with the language of images which is the language of dream, of  transcendence. 


Let's Talk Intuitive Tarot with the Mystical Dream Tarot - Module 1, 2, 3 or 4 is available for purchase individually.

Each recorded module is available at $99.00

 You can purchase at any time by clicking the link below.  

Once payment is received you will sent an email with the

website link and password so you can view at your convenience.  





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