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Shift Dreamwork Summit


Dr. Janet is  happy to be one of the many dream teachers who will be sharing dream wisdom and healing during the upcoming Shift Network Dreamwork Summit:



Free Online Event
The Shift Network Dreamwork Summit
April 18 – 22, 2022



This is a  FREE ONLINE event presented by The Shift Network. 

Dr Janet will be presenting  alongside master dream teachers and psychology experts — including Robert Moss, Don Alejandro Apaza, Sandra Ingerman, Dr. Clare Johnson, Dinesh Ghodke, Robert Hoss, and Khurshed Batliwala…… each of whom will be offering effective practices, tools, and techniques for tapping into the soul-guided wisdom, healing power, and creative inspiration within your dreams. 


RSVP here for the Dreamwork Summit — at no charge:


At this weeklong event you will get to listen to each of us speak and present experiential dreamscapes upon which you may 

  • Connect to your spirit guides and the spiritual dimension through lucid dreaming

  • Practice identifying and accessing psychic dreams and precognitive states

  • Understand how Jungian analysts and psychiatrists approach dreamwork and psychic elements in dreams

  • Discover why after-death-communication experiences (ADCs) are a natural part of grieving

  • Animate a living image of your nightmares through Dream Tending to heal trauma

  • Take a shamanic journey to deepen your understanding on different kinds of dreams and see into the future

  • Engage in Indigenous dream practices to create a new blueprint for your reality

  • Apply methods for inducing lucid dreaming and find safety in lucid nightmares

  • Explore European bee shamanism to create profound changes in your life that are aligned with nature

  • And much more…

Additionally, if you sign up early for the entire Dreamwork Summit package you will receive hours of free dream audio and video teaching empowering and expanding your dreamworld experiences. 


Dreamwork brings your soul’s wisdom into the light of day — and enriches and enlivens your everyday life in amazing and surprising ways. I strongly suggest you register now for a pre broadcast reduced price full package experience containing the entire week of broadcasts along with hours of bonus material which you can listen to over and again at your leisure.  Awaken your inner dream wisdom and expand your consciousness. 

RSVP here for the Dreamwork Summit — at no charge:

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